Mobile Sales Force Automation Solution for the Consumer Packaged Goods(CPG) Industry

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WriteTRAC is an industry leading Sales Force Automation solution for the consumer packaged goods industry, that allows you to achieve High Performance Retail Execution. Maximize the impact and productivity of your Retail Sales Representatives, Merchandisers and your entire Sales and Account Team..

Filbitron was established in 1982 to offer ongoing support to customers using Philips Electronics computers. The company quickly expanded it's mandate to offer service and an upgrade path for their client's computing requirements. Witihn it's first decade Filbitron was a leader in the multi-user computing environment. Filbitron offered a host of services as well as distributing high performance UNIX products. We have the experience, the expertise and are uniquely positioned to design and recommend a solution to meet the needs of today’s organizations.
" I am proud of the leadership role we have played in developing and deploying new technologies for the business environment"

Henry Fischler Founder

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